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                    來源:http://www.nmgqlcm.com 發布人:shunxing 日期:2021-09-22
                    Use skills to make a strange candidate willing to take time for dialogue and communication in a short time. The headhunting consultant understands its needs and matching degree for a period of time, so as to achieve an action of invitation and invite success.
                    Telephone invitation should follow the principle of one out of two, either not agreeing to the interview invitation, or agreeing to be present on time. That is to determine the time and place with the candidate. The attitude must be positive and tough enough to show that we will see each other.
                    When is the best time to call? In the face of different candidates, the time of telephone communication will be different.
                    For employees in the industry, this time is relatively broad, but they should communicate during the work of the enterprise, unless you have an agreement with the candidate. For on-the-job personnel, they are busy on Monday morning and out of work on Friday afternoon. They are in poor condition. It is recommended to avoid these time points.
                    Before 9 o'clock every morning, many people are still in the "wake-up" state. When they are in the state of meeting and catching up with tasks, it is recommended that the effective communication time is generally from 10:00 to 11:00 and from 4:00 to 5:00 in the afternoon.
                    Of course, before a formal conversation, ask, "is it convenient for you to speak now? Do you need another appointment?" this is respect for the candidate and can also improve the communication effect. Telephone communication is a highly targeted activity. For different goals, its scenes and scripts are quite different.
                    How to recommend a position? When HR held the receiver to communicate with the candidate, reading on paper was obviously not vivid. Moreover, they were strangers a minute ago. At this time, the tone should be soft and firm. Softness is to harmonize the relationship and eliminate strangeness; Firmness reflects the professionalism and credibility of recruiters.
                    During the introduction, pay attention to the response of the candidate and connect the content with the familiar and emotional factors of the candidate. The purpose of promotion is to understand the content of the post. It is fundamental to generate interest and decide on the interview.
                    How to adjust your attitude when calling? You know, not all candidates accept a soft attitude, and some candidates will feel you are bullied as soon as their attitude is soft.
                    But some candidates feel a little timid if you are too tough. When making a phone call, first of all, keep a polite and modest attitude. This is the most basic. No matter what kind of candidate you are facing, being polite to others can show your quality and the quality of the company.
                    In the face of impatient candidates, deal with them in the most concise and professional language. Don't talk about the basic information of the company. Simply clarify who you are and ask if you are looking for a certain type of job.
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