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                    來源:http://www.nmgqlcm.com 發布人:shunxing 日期:2022-07-11
                    You must have received a lot of headhunting calls in the workplace. Many people's impression of headhunting may be calling, asking for resumes, making an appointment for interviews, digging the bottom of the wall, and so on. Everyone seems to be familiar with the job of headhunting, but they don't seem to understand it very well. Now let's have a new understanding of the job of headhunting.
                    Not just on the phone
                    Headhunters' daily life is often full and busy. In addition to contacting every job seeker, headhunters also need to deal with customer communication, industry learning and other work contents. Before making position promotion, reliable headhunters also need to "recharge" to understand more information behind the position, rather than simply staring at the JD of the position and looking for resumes.
                    In order to match more accurate candidates, headhunters also need to understand the necessity and reasons for the existence of this position, the impact of this position on the line boss, the role of the company, and so on. All these require headhunters to do their homework before searching, communicate with customers, and conduct investigation and learning. They are all part of headhunters' daily life, but not just calling without soul.
                    Not just forwarding resumes
                    Generally speaking, most job seekers who cooperate with headhunters have certain requirements for platform, position, salary, etc., and have made certain achievements in the industry. After establishing contact with the candidate, the headhunter will quickly and accurately match the enterprise and position according to the candidate's resume and requirements, and even help the candidate sort out his personal career planning and past achievements before recommending it to the enterprise.
                    In addition, from recommendation to employment, there are a series of issues that need headhunters to negotiate and negotiate. And after the candidate is hired, the headhunter will continue to communicate with the enterprise and the candidate to ensure that the candidate can quickly integrate into the new environment and pass the guarantee period.
                    Not just headhunters
                    Many people feel that the threshold to become a headhunter is not high. In fact, headhunter is a very diversified and inclusive industry. Your past work experience and life experience will be the embodiment of your own value and soft power. However, it is not easy to be a good headhunter.
                    Inclusive, so that headhunters themselves have deep experience in the industry. For example, some financial headhunters study finance in universities or have investment banking experience; Some headhunters in marketing may be journalists
                    Shandong headhunting company believes that it has specialized in the field, and the rest is to spend more time in the fine industry, communicate with customers to understand the job needs, and communicate with candidates to understand each other's needs and advantages.
                    The above is all about the problems and precautions introduced to you today. I hope it can help you. If you want to know more, you can contact us by phone or follow our website http://www.nmgqlcm.com , our staff will contact you in time.
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